Happy Lists (Oct212014)

1. The husband will be home soon.

Time flies. The husband will be home soon. Things will be back to normal. I no longer have to spend so much time going out cause I’ll have someone to annoy at home. I’ll have someone to cuddle with at night. I sleep a lot better when he’s with me. The best part of this whole thing is that he gets to stay long this time. No more underway for at least six months. There’s also a good chance that he won’t be working on Christmas or New Year so he’ll be with me and our baby blue.

2. Baby Blue is doing great.

Just finished my follow-up ultra sound. I was stressing out about it ever since my 28 week appointment with my provider. She said I was measuring small for someone who was that far along. So that got me worried. I haven’t been around people who were pregnant before so I really didn’t know how big I was supposed to be at 28 weeks. She’s a new midwife so she wasn’t aware that I only started really showing when I was 24 weeks. It didn’t help that Ai’s (my friend who is also pregnant) tummy is bigger than mine. I’m a week ahead of hers, that made me feel worse. I felt like I was such a bad mom and that I was doing something wrong, Then I had this dream where I gave birth and my baby was only a the size of a christmas ornament. I told the husband about the dream and of course he just laughed at me. He tried reassuring me but it didn’t help. I googled the whole size of the tummy thing and from what I researched it seems that there really are some people who don’t have huge tummies even if they’re so far along. The ultimate peace of mind was when the technician during my ultrasound appointment confirmed that everything was fine with my baby. Everything is developing the way they’re suppose to and the measurements show that the baby was actually two days ahead of he’s original due date. So yeah, definitely a happy list worthy.

During the previous ultrasound session, the same technician told us baby blue was in fact a boy. He was so sure then. So during my appointment when he asked again if he was able to tell me the gender of the baby during my last visit. When I said yes and said that he told me it was a boy he sighed and said, “good good, I was correct, cause right now I see his balls”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or get pissed at him cause he was so sure before and I already bought clothes and things.

3. Managed to save money this payout.

Saving was always an issue for us. Not because we spend too much but because so many things keep coming up that we have to dish out money on. Last time it was for furniture and the unplanned sending of money to his family. I keep nagging him about saving cause I want to have extra money in the bank. We finally came up with a system that works for us. So I save money, he saves money.

4. Ate A. gave me a bag.

We were walking around NEX after mass when I pointed out a bag I wanted. Ate A. heard it and then told me that she has a bag like that that she doesn’t want anymore. Originally, she was selling it to me but then ended up giving it to me as a gift. So yeah, I now have a new bag. LOL. I’m becoming that girl with so many bags which she doesn’t really use.

5. Coach Yami is coming to visit.

My high school football coach is coming to Japland for a mini vacation. She was originally planning on just getting a hotel in Tokyo and then making time to come see me but ended up staying here with me in the apartment because she couldn’t find a cheap hotel for her stay. Of course I’m glad to have her stay with me. I would love company at this point. I’ve been living alone for the past 5 months or so. With her visit I get to have an excuse to go to Tokyo and see the sights as well. 🙂

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