Let Me Write


I’ve been having a serious case of pregnancy brain. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been alone a lot lately and I don’t have anyone to vent out my everyday frustrations too. I wanted something that would occupy my time. At first, I considered taking up cross stitch like what my mom but I couldn’t find a proper pattern I’d like to do. Most of the hobby shops around here only carry crafting and scrapbook supplies so that was a dead end. I’ll just end up making a mess and irritate the husband cause he’ll be the one cleaning up after me (when he comes back that is).

I ended up with the decision of journaling. I had journals before when I was in early high school. It was during those times when I was boy crazy and very dramatic. I only stopped because my family kept reading them. So yeah, I’m gonna start again.

I went to the nearest bookstore I could find (which happened to be the only bookstore around). There wasn’t a lot of variety. Most of the journals they had would either be very colorful and graphic journals or just plain blank hard bound 5 year journals. I ended up looking up journals on Amazon when I came across this pregnancy journal. It wasn’t what I originally planned on buying but it seemed like something I should have. This is my first pregnancy and I’d want to remember everything the best I could. What’s good about this journal is that there’s prompts on what you should write, I wish I did it earlier though cause I’m only two months away but it really doesn’t matter cause you don’t really have to do the journal in order which suits me. I just grab the journal and fill it out whenever I feel like it. There’s plenty of space to write on. There’s illustrations but not too much. The journal gives you freedom to write or put pictures which ever way you want. Also, the journal is part of a series that follows you even after pregnancy, I’m looking forward to filling out this one and the following ones. Getting this journal really helps me keep sane.

The second book in the picture was suppose to be my husband’s birthday present which I will give to him for our anniversary instead. Also, it fits the whole paper anniversary theme. Haven’t really started on that one yet, I’m still looking for a cutie pen to us for it. The husband doesn’t really check my blog so I’m pretty sure that it’s still gonna be a surprise when I give it to him in January.

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