A Totally New Person

Received my new passport with my MARRIED name. I’ll be married a year in January but I just started using his last name, not because I don’t want to (although his last name doesn’t really go well with my name) but because they always ask for proof of identification and every identification I have that they honor has my maiden name. With the new passport, I can now use his last name and people will actually take us seriously that we’re really married.

Taking on his last name makes me feel like a totally different person. Especially because they’re asking us to do all the paperwork all over again. It wouldn’t be so hard if the rules would stop changing. I just got here six months ago and now that we have to redo things, they’re telling me something totally different. It’s frustrating but what can we do, we have no choice but to comply. Also, not that I finally changed my last name, we can start the process for my ITN and immigrant visa. I wanted to get everything started even though he’s underway cause once he’s in port again, I’ll be nearing my due date so we won’t have much time to go around processing everything. Mobility is such an issue for me at the moment. I can still move around but it gets uncomfortable fast.

So yeah. I’m a totally different person. I’m still getting used to using his last name. I keep correcting people who call me Mrs. S and signing my name with my old last name. But yeah, fresh start. Hopefully we sort everything out before the baby comes. If not before we’ll actually need all the things we’re processing.

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