I’ve very excited about the next few months, not because I get to meet my baby blue soon but because I get to experience my first fall and winter. I’ve only ever lived in two countries before, Bahrain and the Philippines, and both places only has two seasons. I don’t really know if you can call them seasons. In the Philippines, there is only warm and hot. There are cold days too but that’s only because it’ll be typhoon season but when there’s no typhoon it’s warm, then when it’s not typhoon season it’s hot so really there isn’t much difference. In Bahrain though, they do have winter, well they call it that because it gets real cold but there’s no fall. Then again there isn’t a lot of vegetation there so you won’t notice the change of seasons. So yeah back to my first fall and winter, I’m very excited. They say it’s really nice here during fall cause you get to see the leaves change. The weather is already a lot cooler than the other month. It’s a lot less humid which I’m enjoying. I get to enjoy being out more without having the fear of passing out from the heat. Another reason why I’m so excited for the following seasons, is layers! LOL. I love being bundled up in clothes. The anticipated change in seasons also gives me a good reason to shop cause my closet is not ready in anyway possible.

The husband is excited for me as well. He keeps teasing me about how it’s gonna be the first time I’m gonna experience snow. It rarely snows here in Yokosuka but they do get snow. I wanted to try out the whole winter sports but with my bump I don’t see that being possible, maybe next year.

The tropical girl in me is way too excited for the season!

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