I’m Drowning!

I have no idea if I’m doing all this correctly. I’m relying mostly on my research on google. I’m from the Philippines, none of my friends who got pregnant before me had a baby shower so I’m really going into this blind.

I recenty attended my first baby shower, I have that to go on but still. I have no one to plan it with and I don’t have that much friends to invite. I was actually thinking of not having one but the husband wants one and all of his friends are expecting one. I really don’t get cause they’re mostly boys, they just want an excuse to drink I guess. I can’t really talk to my mom about this cause she knows nothing about this cause like I’m from the Philippines. The only time people celebrate a baby there is during the Christening and the birthday.

My friends and family are all over the globe, I really don’t know how to go about this. I registered at BabiesRus. Do I just message them casually telling them where I’m registered or what? Do I wait till the baby shower is finalized before I do that? It would be okay but I wanted to give them enough time to ship things to us.

Not only is this our first child but this will be my parents’ first grandchild and my family’s first of his generation so it’s kinda a big deal. Also, I keep reading that someone else usually host the shower for the couple but that’s kinda impossible on my part. I do have a friend who wants to help me with the baby shower but isn’t it rude to ask her if I can put her as the host of the shower? It doesn’t help that the husband is underway right now cause I can’t really go full on planning mode. I don’t know exactly when he’ll be back so I can’t just set a date yet.

I’d like to have someone to talk to about it or ask questions to but I feel like it’s gonna be such a bother if I randomly ring them up and ask them what do to.

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