Underway Once Again

The husband is gone again for winter cruise and I am here left alone to fend for myself again. There’s really not much to fend for cause the husband already took care most of the things before he left. That one month he was here went by real fast. We accomplished all the errands we needed to and more cause we managed to get a car as well. We were planning the whole car purchasing to happen when he got back but because our friend was set in selling his car to us, we ended up with a car sooner than expected. It was nice of our friend to sell us his car at a much lower price, given that someone was willing to pay him for his car upfront.

I’m a bit frustrated about the car thing though cause I don’t have a license so we have a car sitting around not being used and I get to ran around taking cabs and buses to get around. I’m still figuring out what I’ll do when it’s time to go grocery shopping and doing the laundry again cause unlike the last time I was alone my stomach wasn’t that big yet. This time around, I feel pregnant more than ever. It’s not only because my clothes don’t fit me anymore but also because whenever I try to do the walking I did before I’d end up tired or with my sides hurting.

I’ve been told that the base didn’t allow pregnant women to apply for driver’s license so that made me more frustrated. I went ahead and signed myself to AOB even though despite of what they told me. I’m just really stubborn. Now that I have a schedule for classes, I’m nervous. I now unsure if I’ll pass the driving test. I never had any doubts about my driving before but with all the back up parking that’s involved in Japan, also, I haven’t driven in such a long time.

Another thing about this underway, is that having the husband around, even for such a short time make me miss him so much more than usual. I got used to having him around. I find myself wishing he was here more often. Like the other day, I doved into couch and it hit me that he wasn’t there to catch me when I do it. It made me cry. I don’t know if it was because of the hormones or I just really miss him. I try not to tell him just how much I want him here cause I know it’ll only make it harder for him to be away. This wouldn’t be the last time he’ll be away too so I have to be a tad stronger than usual to fight off these emotions.

It’ll be the husband’s birthday in a few days and we don’t get to spend it together again. Actually, we won’t get to spend my birthday together as well. This is part of the job. I have no right to complain because I was aware of all this when I married him. Oh the navy life.

We just agreed that we’d celebrate everything when he gets back. So now I’m in super planning mode. I’m even thinking of sending him a birthday card and a care package although it will not get to him in time for his birthday. I’m even already thinking of our anniversary cause we’d be together for that. 🙂

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