Japland: Kamogawa SeaWorld

SeaWorld has always been in the list of places I wanted to visit while we were here in Japan. Everyone who’s close to me knows I have a thing for Killer Whales so when Ate A invited us to come with them we grabbed on the opportunity. It was a good thing that the husband’s off fell on a weekend.

It was suppose to be a three hour drive from Yokosuka to Kamogawa so it was an early day for us. It was extremely difficult for the husband because he came from a 12 hour shift and got off work at 0600 and everyone was gonna meet up at 0800. Nine of us were going and we weren’t gonna fit in one car. We divided the group, it was suppose to be two couples in one car and five in the other but since the boys were giving us an attitude about not being able to be together during the trip we ended having it girls in one car and boys in the other (including Jayden). None of us ever been to SeaWorld so we completely relied on our google maps for directions.

Our three hour drive turned into a four hour drive, don’t really know if it was because of the traffic or the route we took. The  boys were the ones calling the shots we ended up stopping at the first gas station we saw when we got off the highway so that they can have a smoke break. We were already in the other side of Japan, at least it feels like it cause it was nothing like Yokosuka or Tokyo. It was like a picture in postcard or something. Everything was green. It had that The-Sound-of-Music feel. I wanted to run through the fields  with my arms outstretched. Right beside that gas station we stopped at there was this small but pretty sunflower field.

After the little smoke break it was straight driving till SeaWorld. It did begin to rain though as we were getting close, you could say that it rained in our parade. It was a good thing that parking was available around the area; we were not allowed to park right next to SeaWorld for reasons we couldn’t actually tell. We had to walk a good five minutes (in the rain) to get to the park. Tickets were 2,800 yen ($28) for an adult and 1,400 yen ($14) for a child. Since we were a group of eight, we were given a discounted rate we paid 2,400 each and Jayden got in for free. I’ve never been to any other SeaWorld so I really couldn’t compare but Ate A did say that this SeaWorld was smaller than the one in San Diego. There were different shows going on around the park simultaneously so if you want to catch every show, you have time everything. We first caught the dolphin show because it was the first thing we came across when we came out of the tropical fish exhibit. There were plenty of dolphins in the show, actually they had plenty on dolphins.

After the dolphin show, we stopped for lunch. It’s a good thing that there were restaurants and food booths all around the park. You actually have two options, eat-all-you-can buffet that would cost you 30,000 yen or the food court. The food court food was not bad, it was just not a lot of variety. Most of the food they had was curry. The husband had the curry, I had the chicken soup thing and then we went around the food stalls and got ourselves grilled squid and a snow cone.

It stopped raining after we finished lunch. Right before we left for the Killer Whale show, we stopped by the gift shop beside the food court, just to see what they had. It was packed with people, mostly children trying to get their parents to buy them toys. There wasn’t a lot of interesting finds in the shop, just stuff animals of the creatures in the park. As expected, the price is a little too much for a small toy. We didn’t buy anything cause I already have the big stuffed shamu Ate S gave me last year.

We got to the stadium long before the show would start so we had our choice of seats. I wanted to sit up front but everyone else didn’t want to cause we would end up getting wet from the show. Oh and I went a tad too excited when I saw the whales in the tank, ask my husband’s arm. I wanted to hang near the tank before the show started but the husband wasn’t up for it. I took a video of the whole show but I don’t know how to upload it. Like the dolphin show it was in Japanese. Still, it was a great show. Prior to this, I’ve only ever seen a dolphin show and a sea lion show and it was when I was young back in Bahrain. I’ve only seen videos of the whales jumping and splashing around so to see all the tricks they do with their trainer was mindblowing. Before the show, staff would already go around the stadium warning people that they may end up wet as part of the show. Also, they sell the pancho right before the show as well. We didn’t bother to get one cause we were three rows from the top row, they did try to still sell us panchos. During the show though, there was a part where we really thought we were gonna get splashed. After the show we caught the sea lion show next, it wasn’t all that impressive, I mean we came from the killer whale show, nothing could top that afterwards.

We made a whole day out of the trip. We left just when the park was already closing. On our way back, we followed google maps again, this time though it led us in a different route and we ended up taking a ferry. We were just in time for the last trip too. It wasn’t bad, it cut our trip back an hour or so. It was my first time to ride a ferry like this too so that made it a bit more excited to me. The husband was teasing me about it the whole 45 minutes of the ferry ride. The ferry dropped us off at Kitakamakura which is just 30 minutes from base. The fare though was a tad more expensive than what we would have paid for toll cause it was a different fare for each car and then in addition to that fare per person. For our group of nine, including Jayden and two cars, we paid 1,500 yen each.

In all the trip was worth it. The husband and I only spent a little over a 100 dollars for the whole trip. That’s including our share for the tolls, food and fare for the ferry, which is not bad. I think it was a good thing we got to do this with friends cause it made it much more enjoyable and it ended up cheaper than what we would have spent if we went by ourselves and by train.

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