Baby Blue

I wanted a big gender reveal gesture but the husband couldn’t help himself and posted the news on Facebook while I was having my ultrasound. He posted the news as soon as the technician blurt out, ” it’s a boy!”.

The husband was never available to accompany me to any of my other doctor appointments so it was a lucky break that he was here for that one appointment where I was scheduled for my ultrasound. He was already excited to find out the gender of the baby. We had a little bet about it too. Needless to say, I won that bet of ours.

The baby blue was anything but cooperative during the ultrasound. He kept changing positions every 10 minutes. It took the technician several tries to verify the gender. Like the other time, He had his legs crossed the whole time and this time he had one of his hand in between his crotch. The husband would ask the technician every 20 minutes if we could know the gender which I think irritated the technician cause he was trying to get all the other information like the baby’s heart chambers and internal organs. The whole thing as about an hour and a half. The technician had to shake my tummy a bit so the baby would change position.

Aside from finding out that we were gonna have a boy, everything else is fine and normal when it comes to baby something that I constantly think about at night cause I feel like I’m doing things wrong. Knowing that we’ll have a baby boy made the husband so excited and also I was relieved cause I don’t know, I feel like a girl would be everything all at once. The idea of having a baby girl makes the husband so protective, he comes up with scenarios that are way too into the future. He’s more relaxed now that he knows he’s gonna have a boy. Our friends also are excited, mainly because so far everyone has girls and they don’t have a boy they can turn into one of them. So yeah, everyone’s over the moon about the news.


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