Summer Leave And Errands

So we’re done with the summer cruise. Husband is home. Well, he’s been home for the last two weeks, a week earlier that scheduled cause he took early leave and arrived before the ship by a week.

It’s nice to actually have him here cause it was getting boring being always home alone. The house never looked so put together ever since he arrived. Mainly because now there’s someone who regularly cleans the house. I would clean it myself but I get pains in my sides whenever I stoop down to long. Plus, I no longer have to resort to talking to myself or striking up random conversations over Facebook and Twitter to pass my time.

It would be nice if took the early leave so we can do things together, like go somewhere and explore but we had things to accomplish. Our loaner furniture are about to be picked up soon. I wanted to start the furniture buying right away but I had no one to help me carry the  so we have to do furniture shopping and with serious shopping comes serious spending.

I’ve already purchased most of the things we need for the house, it’s actually livable already, the only thing left to purchase was the bed and couch.  So when the NEX on base was having a big furniture sale so we took advantage of that and purchased our couch. It wasn’t the original couch I wanted but it would do. It was still a sectional but it was more expensive than we were planning to spend. We really didn’t have much choice when it came to where to purchase the couch, cause Japanese furniture as too low and small, plus they’re just as expensive as American sized furniture. So we decided that it will be better value for our money if we get one from the NEX. The only “fail” thing about our wonderful couch is that the large part of the sectional wouldn’t even fit through the door. It was too big for the apartment. I told my husband that it wouldn’t fit but he insisted that it would. So now, we have a couch that would serve as our guest bed and a love seat that’s missing an arm. We will probably end up buying an armchair of recliner that would hopefully not only fit through the door but also go well with our half of a sectional.

We had a lot more options where to purchase the bed though cause there’s great selections of beds off base. On base beds were hella expensive. Our friend spent 700 on the mattress and spring box alone but we were told that if we buy one from Ikea we could find a mattress and a bed frame with just 500 bucks. We did look at Nitori as well but I didn’t like the beds they had and they were Japanese sizes as well. We went to Ikea the other day to purchase a bed. We spend 400 bucks on everything including delivery. Our new bed would arrive just a day before our loaner furniture is scheduled to be picked up.

I think, the husband and I are doing pretty well with our grown up decisions, given that it’s really just him and me when it comes to this things. We may not smoothly arrive at our decisions but we get things done, one way or another.

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