Just A Rant

the scariest thing happened today.

our upstairs Japanese neighbor barged into our house, in raged, cause he says that when my husband and his friends smoke it reaches his house. He kept shouting “no smoking!” over and over again. He kept trying to start a fight with my husband and his friends. My husband was close to throwing him a punch too. He didn’t speak English and none of us spoke Japanese so it was all a mess. He kept saying that he would call management on us and we kept on saying that he go ahead so that management can call our agency and they can talk to us. But he still insisted on being an ass. He wouldn’t leave until we promised that they wouldn’t smoke in our balcony anymore. I just made the boys promise so that the guy would leave cause he was already getting violent and the boys were already close to hitting him.

Once he left, I called our housing agency, explained what happened. We asked first whether we were allowed to smoke on our balcony and they said that they’ll check on it. My husband wanted to call the police so bad cause the guy forced his way in our house. He felt scared cause I’m usually alone at home and he’s always at work and soon he’ll be deploying again.

The thing about the whole smoking issue is that he leaves above us, yet he says that the boys were flicking their cigarettes over our balcony so that’s when the smoke finds its way to his house. One, they don’t flick their cigarettes over the balcony cause we have an ashtray and if ever they do flick their cigarettes, I don’t think he should be the one complaining cause when you flick a cigarette doesn’t it fall down not ride up? Second, who gave him the right to barge into people’s house just because he’s mad. We were willing to talk to him but it was obvious that he wanted to start a fight with everyone. We could have resolved all this peacefully but now everyone’s on edge. All this stress is not good for a pregnant person.


So the people from the housing agency came over already and apparently, the people that live above us is American, the one below us is Japanese. The Japanese people have a few complains but they weren’t the one who came up and harassed us. It’s even scarier now not knowing where this hot head lives. Hopefully, we settle all this by Monday and that he wasn’t just shitting us about calling the management cause now the agency is waiting for that call from the management.

To avoid anymore trouble, I guess we just have to not have people over often.

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