16 Weeks and Alone


So far, all is well in the pregnancy department. I’ve been lucky enough to not have morning sickness and severe cravings. The midwife said everything seems to be okay with the baby. I have been losing weight though. I lost a total of 16 pounds ever since I got pregnant and that’s probably because I almost never have a appetite.

During the last ultrasound, I got to see the baby again. S/he is getting bigger. I’m always nervous whenever I have an appointment at the hospital. I always expect that there will be something wrong, not because I’m waiting for something to go wrong but because hospitals just freaks me out in general.

At my previous ultrasound the baby was “dancing” and this time s/he was “waving” during the whole session. S/He had one hand behind his/her head, the other waving. S/he seems to be a very chill baby. We didn’t get to know the gender though cause the legs were crossed, the midwife said that if the baby was on his/her back we could have found out.


I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or if it’s just the whole deployment that gets me all sad and homesick. I kept telling the husband that I’m fine with being alone for the deployment and that I can manage on my own but lately I’ve found myself wishing that I had my family with me cause it gets pretty dull living alone. Having to cook for one all the time is probably the saddest part of the whole alone part. I’ve got my friends here but it’s not the same. It’s not like I can be with them everyday. They have their own life. I get by alone but it would be better if there was someone else.

I worried him, I think, so he got early leave and he’s gonna be home sooner than planned. He’s cute that way. I can’t wait to have him home. He never spent the night at home ever since we got the house. I also can’t wait to go furniture shopping with him. I could have done it on my own but he wanted me to wait cause he didn’t want me to do the actual lifting.

Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted an excuse to post. 🙂

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