A New Once Upon A Time

I’m officially a grown up. Or at least I feel like it. It’s been three long months since I left the Philippines to come live with my husband in Japan. Right now, He is on deployment so I’m pretty much all by my lonesome. But before he left though a LOT happened.

We got a house.



Real grown up I know. We were staying with friends before and it was okay but nothing beats having a place of your own. Especially, when you’re newly married.

The whole process took about a month and that was just because of all the paperwork. We didn’t want to spend too much time looking at houses with agents so when we found a place we liked we immediately put it on hold right away. Plus our agent is so nice, he got the owner to agree to lower the price so that it would go with our allotted housing allowance. It’s small but big enough for us and guests.

The next project is decorating the house and buying furniture cause right now, everything we have are loaners from the navy which we have to return after 90 days. I did manage to buy kitchen stuff. The husband agreed to buy everything else when he gets back from summer deployment. Also, that away he and the boys can do all the heavy lifting.

We’re pregnant!


We kept saying that we’re gonna wait and just let it happen. We didn’t want to try but we didn’t want to do anything to prevent anything. So we did that and now I’m 14 weeks pregnant. And yeah, I did the math as well, I got pregnant as soon as I arrived.

I had a feeling I was pregnant already when my boobs began to hurt. It felt like they were being pulled by the nipples. At first I thought it was because I was gonna get my period soon but it never hurt like that before. I was still positive that I’ll get my period, I even bought the 50 pack napkin because that was how confident I was. But when the day that my period was suppose to come and it didn’t, I started to panic. I did what most girls would do in the situation, I assumed that it was still coming and it was delayed.

I put off taking the test as much as I can. My period was like clockwork. It always came at the same day of the month or a day or two delayed. It was never delayed weeks so I gave up and asked the husband to buy me a pregnancy kit. BTW, the whole time I was panicking about the whole idea of possibly being pregnant, my husband was singing “we’re gonna have a baby” to my stomach. It irritated me to death. We were alone I’m the house when I took the test so we has privacy. I was so nervous, he followed me to the bathroom, he stood outside the door while I peed on the tiny stick thing. I didn’t go out right away. I waited for the lines to show. At first there was only one pink line so I was relieved, but then another faint line appeared. I was quite the whole time I guess, cause the next thing I remember is my husband shouting at me from the other side of the door asking what happened. When I finally opened the door and showed him the result. His whole face lit up and he hugged and kissed me then started singing that “we’re having a baby” thing again. I took the test from him and walking straight to the living room. He didn’t talk to me for a while cause I was staring at the result for a good 5 minutes without saying anything. Then I started crying, tears of shock I guess, if ever there is such a thing. The husband got worried cause he sat in front of me on the couch and asked if I was keeping the baby. It was then that I laughed cause I must have really scared him for him to ask me that. I asked him to wait till it sank in.

It lasted for a minute or so cause he started asking me if he could tell people right away or if he can post it on Facebook. I still couldn’t wrap my head around it yet so we agreed to tell our family first.

So yeah. We’re gonna be parents. We’ve only been married six months yet it feels like years are already behind us.

Told you a lot happened.

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