Falling: My Anniversary Week With JapLand

Yesterday marked my one week here in Japan. Even though I’ve only been here a week, I already fee like home. Not just because I have my husband with me most of the time and that we actually get to act like husband and wife but because the people has been nothing but friendly and accommodating (not that they weren’t in the first place).

Living with Gerard and Maria has been nothing but comfortable. They make it you feel like this is your house too so do whatever you like. We all live in the same house but we still do our own things plus our personality jives so the girls basically gang up and the boys and vice versa. We don’t have to walk over egg shells when we’re at home which is something I like. I know this is their home and not ours but they’re such good hosts.

I’ve also made a new friend, Ate Alexis, she’s the wife of my husband’s co-worker on the ship. He’s an upper classman so basically his superior. When I’m with her and Maria, they make me feel like I’ve known them for so long even though I just actually just met them. They include and invite me in their plans. I’m good with being alone but my husband worries a lot when I’m locked up at home in the room so having them in my life makes him worry less. Ate Alexis has been doing the “navy wife” thing far longer than anyone I know. I’m very new to this whole life so I’m glad we met. She’s also health conscious so she’ll be good for me. She already got be giving the detoxing one more go.

We don’t only spend out time with our new friends though, we also make time for our friends we had. The bond is still there and stronger than ever. Since most of the wives are here already, it’s been a constant dinner party and not to mention baby talks. One couple already has a baby (which I share my birthday with), one is trying for a baby, and then there’s us and the Danans who isn’t planning for one and is focusing on getting everything settled.

Hopefully by next week, I get my own military ID so that I can go to the base without my husband or someone to sponsor me and I’ll get to actually pay for myself when we shop on base.

I’m gonna like living here in Japan. *crosses fingers*

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