From Now Until Further Notice

Today has been a glimpse of what my actual life would be from now on, given though that we still have to get our own house and stuff, but everything else, it’ll be exactly like this day. I’ll get to lounge on the couch all the day with Netflix and just get up to pee and eat.

Getting married and moving to a foreign country isn’t as glamorous as I thought it’ll be. Especially when you’re alone most of the time and you husband doesn’t actually sleep in the house with you. I really need to find a job, it doesn’t have to be right away but yeah, I need to find a job cause if it’ll be like this I think I’ll go crazy. I’m not the type to stay at home, cook meals and do chores all day. I really need to have something to look forward to everyday aside from my husband coming home. I want to have my own money to spend and send to my family.

Plus all this lounging around doesn’t do me any good, I’ll just grow fatter.

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