No more going to work when everyone else is coming home and calling it a day. No more social unavailability because I have work on a weekend. No more sleeping while FaceTime-ing with the husband. No more required overtime. No more irritating, obnoxious, entitled, and demanding customers. Above all else, I finally get to sleep more than fours hours, it feels so good to stay in bed and not have to worry about getting up at a specific time. Also, I won’t miss having to figure out what to wear to work. It wasn’t an issue before when all my clothes fit but when only one pair of pants fit you, it’s nothing if not challenging.

The only thing I don’t like about resigning, is the fact that I won’t get to see my workmates every night. I’ve gotten so close to them in such a short period of time that it kinda hurts. I’ll miss the jokes and the laughs we share in between “avail” time and breaks. I’ll miss how much of a mean girl Cassandra is, how sweet and caring Amy is, how fun Jamae is, how complicated Genelle’s lovelife is and how we bully Remo around cause he’s the only guy in the group.

Ohhh.. I’m leaving out the important thing: Why I resigned. It wasn’t anything about the job or the people. It priorities. My husband wants me to go and join him in Japan. I’m his wife so yeah, I’m leaving real soon and joining him where he is. It a big bold move. To pack up everything and join him there. Actually start a life together. We need that I think, especially in the first year of our marriage, we only spent 5 days together after we got married and most of those days was with family so yeah, I’m gonna gamble my life and move to a foreign country to be with him.

I’m nervous and scarred and I’ll be alone and friendless (well I’ll have his friends but none friends of my own). It’s normal to feel this right? I have said any proper good bye to anyone and I don’t want to. I don’t know how to properly break the news to people so I just causally say it out loud in conversations but the whole thing makes me sad. Sad enough to want to not leave the house until it’s actually time to leave.

I love my husband and I want to be with him. I’m just really scarred. I don’t know what will happen in a year.

But I love that my bosses made it so that I’ll always have the option of coming back to work if I want.

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