“Are you pregnant? When do you plan to have a kid?”

“Don’t have kids yet. Enjoy each other first. Have kids later when everything is settled.”

“Have kids already!”

Ever since I got married, it’s always about kids. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to when I should start having kids.

Apparently, people assume that when you get married it automatically means that you’d like to start a family. That you’re gonna be popping out babies soon. So, every time I get asked if I want a kid and tell them not yet, they get all offended. Then, they’ll start telling me how I shouldn’t have gotten married yet if I didn’t want kids yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to have kids, it’s just not in my near future. I don’t plan in getting pregnant soon but if I do get pregnant I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy and irritating.

I have my moments when I feel like I want a kid but there’ll be those days as well when I feel like it’s just not the time. It doesn’t matter when I have my kid though cause whether it be this year or the next or the next, one thing will be for sure, I’ll love him like Winnie the Pooh loves honey.

In short, we’re not planning, we’re just gonna let it happen when it happen. 🙂

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