Quarter Year Round Up

I’ve been such a loser for not updating this blog I know. I wish I had a good reason for it too but unfortunately I have nothing but the lame ” I was busy with work”.

So here goes. It’s 2014, a lot of things changed.

For one I’m married! married for almost two months now. There’s a whole drama story about it which I rather not tell. So yeah, I’m married and I was able to experience the whole married life with my husband for like a week. Right after the quickie wedding, he has to rush off back to Japan. That’s the military for you. But I like to think we made the most out of it. We got to squeeze in all the meet and greet for both our side of the family. There wasn’t really a honeymoon though cause I still had work.

My mom is living with me again. It’s a lot different now than it was before but at least my brother and sister are happy that they get to see her everyday. My dad, still doesn’t love with us, but we get to see him a lot more now. He meets us everytime he can which is a huge improvement from our previous set up.

I’ve begun to actually like going to work which is so huge of me. It’s not the work itself but the people I work with. They take the pressure off.

With that being said, days before I formally become a regular at work, I’m resigning. It’s for a good reason though. I’m set to leave for Japan (hopefully) on the 18th. I still haven’t said my see you laters to my friends which is lame of me but they’re all so busy. My mom and dad is being all dramatic about me leaving. But that’s what people who get married do, they move out to be with their husbands. I’m leaving so much behind but I’m looking forward to the change. The next few months won’t be easy, that’s expected but I’ve made my bed and I plan to sleep on it.


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